How to Fix nos_9838.dat Not Found or Missing Errors

Do you keep receiving error messages when playing games or using your computer? This article will help you fix them completely before they lead to BSOD or system crash.

Information about nos_9838.dat File

File Name:   
nos_9838.dat (Free Scan)
File Description:   
Adobe? Flash? Player Plugin Installer
Product Name:   
Adobe® Flash® Player Plugin
Product Version:
File md5:   
File type:   
dat file
Security Level(0-5):   
OS Infected:   
Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008/7/8
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Possible nos_9838.dat Error Messages

  • "nos_9838.dat cannot be found."
  • "This program can't start because nos_9838.dat is missing from your computer."
  • "nos_9838.dat is missing."
  • "There was a problem starting [path]\nos_9838.dat. The specified module could not be found."
  • "Runtime Error. nos_9838.dat pure virtual function call."
  • "Access Violation File [path]\nos_9838.dat"
  • "Unable to launch the software located at path: [path]\nos_9838.dat"
  • "This application requires the file nos_9838.dat, which was not found on this system."


If you're not good at computers, it's recommended that you use this Automatic Error Fix Tool to fix this kind of problem.

Possible Causes of nos_9838.dat Error

You may get nos_9838.dat error message when you are trying to run or install some applications. This kind of error can happen when Windows or software starts or shuts down, or maybe when you are using the computer or software.

When and how this nos_9838.dat error happens is very important and helpful to figure out the cause and work out the effective solution.

nos_9838.dat error may be caused by the following situations:

  • nos_9838.dat file may be mistakenly deleted by someone, computer antivirus or system cleaning tools.
  • nos_9838.dat file is corrupted or damaged by virus infections.
  • Some applications were installed or uninstalled improperly.
  • The configuration entries of nos_9838.dat file is still active in the systemregistry.
  • There may be something wrong with your computer hardware.

How to Fix nos_9838.dat Error Manually?

Warm Tips: It's not recommended to download nos_9838.dat file from those so-called DLL download websites, because those DLL files provided on those DLL download websites may be out-dated, incompatible with your system or software, or even infected with malicious malware. So if you need a copy of nos_9838.dat file, it's best for you to get it from its original and legitimate source.

If you are not able to use your computer normally due to kind of nos_9838.dat error message, you can start your computer into Safe Mode to fix your problem with any of the following methods.

Video of How to start computer into Safe Mode

For Windows 7/Vista

For Windows 8

Click Here to see the video of How to start Windows 8 into Safe Mode

Fix methods:

1.Restart your machine.

You can restart your machine to fix nos_9838.dat error, as nos_9838.dat error might be a fluke and a simple restart may fix it.

2.Use Registry Cleaner to repair nos_9838.dat error.

nos_9838.dat error may be caused by related problems in the system registry. A registry cleaner could be very helpful to help you remove those invalid registry entries or fix other registry issues related to nos_9838.dat file and it could save your time and risk to find and delete them by yourself.

Repairing the registry can fix most of this kind of computer errors, click and download this Automatic Fix Tool:

Note: The registry is the most important part of the Windows Operating System and stores all information and configuration about how the Windows runs. So if you do not have sufficient computer know-how, it's not recommended that you edit the registry by yourself.

3.Restore nos_9838.dat file from the Recycle Bin.

If your nos_9838.dat file is missing or not found and you think it may be mistakenly deleted by yourself, the easiest way to get it back is to restore it from the Recycle Bin.

What if you have emptied the Recycle Bin? You may try to recover nos_9838.dat file with a recovery program. But the condition is that nos_9838.dat file was still working properly before you deleted it.

4.Scan your whole computer for virus infections.

When a virus infection infects nos_9838.dat file, it will add some malicious code and modify your nos_9838.dat file. So you could see nos_9838.dat error message popping up when running a software or turning on your machine, as this infected nos_9838.dat file cannot work properly.

It's also possible that this nos_9838.dat error message is created by some virus that deliberately generates such fake error messages to scare you and mislead you buying its useless products.Click and download this powerful Automatic Virus Removal Tool to check your system.

5.Use System Restore to roll back to the previous system status.

If you have created a system restore point before getting nos_9838.dat error, you can do a system restore to the previous restore point to fix the error. By doing a system restore, you will lose your software, data and some settings.

6.Execute the sfc /scannow command

The sfc /scannow feature will check all of essential Windows files and replace it if the System File Checker (sfc) finds it's corrupted, damaged or missing. To run sfc /scannow command, please follow the steps:

For Windows 8 Users

1).Press "Windows+X" to bring up the menu below and then select "Command Prompt (Admin)" option.

2).Click "Yes" to run the command.

click ok

3).Type in sfc /scannow(There's a space between sfc and /scannow) into the dialog and hit Enter key.

4).Wait until the System File Checker finishes the check.

For Windows 7 and Vista Users:

1).Press "Windows+R", type in cmd and then right click "Run as administrator"

2).Type in sfc /scannow (There's a space between sfc and /scannow) into the dialog and hit Enter key.

click ok

3).Wait until the System File Checker finishes the check.

7.Repair Installation of your Windows System.

A Windows repair installation, also known as a Startup Repair is very useful when you want to repair or reinstall your Windows system files while you don't want to lose all of your personal data and software intact. If you have tried the above fix advice but still with no luck, you can perform a Refresh, Startup Repair or Repair Installation to restore all Windows DLL files.

8.Re-install your Windows system.

A new installation will format your hard drive and install a fresh copy of Windows system. But you should know that all of your personal data, programs and system patches will be completely removed if you re-install your Windows system. It's advisable for you to try the above advice before you re-install your computer.

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Still Getting nos_9838.dat Error?

If you have tried the above advice but still cannot get nos_9838.dat error fixed, please contact me via email or posting your message on tech support forum. Make sure you have the screenshot of the error message, tell me how this error happens and what you have done to fix your error if any.